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Whole Mouth Rehabilitation

Just like an aging house needs repair and makeover, so do our mouths. And just like a significant construction project, extensive dental treatment involving multiple procedures is best done according to a plan. You wouldn’t want to put new dry wall on top of a rotting frame, nor would you want to invest in veneers, crowns, or dental bridges that are attached to a frail foundation, or whiten teeth that are highly sensitive due to enamel loss.

Dr. James Magee of Orlando, Florida, wants what is best for his patients. He does not cut corners in restoring mouths to full healthy function and beauty. A comprehensive approach to achieve the best quality results is worth his time and preparation every time!

Due to years of using our teeth, most of us need dental health rehabilitation at some point that requires a real plan… not a fix here and a repair there. By mid to late life, most of us have teeth that have aged and been affected by a lifetime of nutritional, hygiene and healthcare choices. They have become worn due years of use and exposure to erosive acid produced by the teeming bacteria in mouths and the food and beverages we eat. If our teeth are not aligned properly, some have been ground down or become cracked due to the excessive forces of chewing, biting and grinding against each other. If our teeth are crowded, we have had limited access to all tooth surfaces when flossing and brushing. Commonly periodontitis (inflammation below the gum line) has developed. Our foods, beverages, and medications may have discolored our teeth. If we were unfortunate with an accidental blow to the mouth, if we developed oral disease and did not have adequate intervention in time, or if the forces of our teeth on one another have been too harsh, we may have lost one or more teeth. Finally—the time arrives when our teeth and gum tissue present us with a complex of problems, some uncomfortable, some unsightly, and all unacceptable for current and future health and quality of life.

When you visit the office of Dr. James Magee, he will do a comprehensive examination and diagnosis of your condition, including determination of the probable causes of these conditions. Based on this knowledge and a precise model of your mouth, he will spend significant time thinking about your mouth and the most appropriate ways to restore your mouth to optimal health, full comfortable function, and a natural beauty that compliments your face. He will then present a plan that can be accomplished in stages that move you along the most efficient and affordable path to achieve results in a way that will be predictably long lasting.

He will then present his comprehensive plan with details about the procedures involved and choices you may need to make. He will fully inform you about the benefits of the plan, what to expect, and the investment you will be making in your mouth. If you would like him to explain the plan to someone else near and dear to you before making your decision, we will be happy to schedule a follow-up consultation.

Your dental plan can be executed in affordable stages. We will work with you. If you are in pain, the cause of that pain will be treated immediately. If you have periodontal disease, this will be addressed right away to create a healthy foundation for your dental restorations. If your teeth need realignment, orthodontics likely will be recommended prior to dental restoration. Keep in mind that Dr. Magee is able to provide you with Invisalign treatment in his own office if you need orthodontics. Restorative procedures will follow with the insertion of additional cosmetic procedures at the best time for best results. Sometimes there are variations in this sequence, depending on your priorities and needs. When your comprehensive rehabilitation is complete, you will be able to chew strongly with comfort, be able to fully brush and floss your teeth, and smile with confidence.

We are compassionate and truly care about the people we serve. Whole mouth rehabilitation is often approached with some anxiety, and we want to allay your fears as much as possible. Rest assured that Dr. James Magee has completed extensive postdoctoral education in whole mouth rehabilitation and has expertise in comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning. In order to put yourself on the path of improved health and quality of life, you will need to get over the first hurdle of finding out what is possible for you and the probable cost. If you would like to meet Dr. James Magee to discuss the possibilities before scheduling a comprehensive examination and diagnostic work-up, we will be happy to schedule an initial no-fee consultation. Give us a call today.