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Functional and Esthetic Dentistry for a Smile Makeover that Lasts

Not all smile makeovers are approached in the same way, nor do they all have the same results. At Clifford Family Dentistry in Orlando, FL, Dr. James Magee focuses on Functional Esthetic Dentistry that predictably lasts.

This type of smile makeover may take a little longer but the results will make you happy for years to come and set you up for a level of oral health that equates with less need for restorative dentistry as you age.

You are never too old for a functional and esthetic smile makeover. Achieving proper tooth alignment, a harmonious bite, and restored, sparkling white teeth can take 10 years off your face. Better than a facelift for rejuvenating your life, you have the added benefits of full eating function, the highest level of oral health that supports your entire body’s wellness, and complete confidence to smile and laugh.

If you have teeth that are worn, cracked, discolored, misshapen, misaligned, or missing, you are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. People choose cosmetic dentistry for different reasons. Some have generally healthy teeth and choose to change their teeth to a dazzling appearance. Others have dental problems that require solutions on the way to the healthy and esthetic appearance they desire. Dr. Magee is an expert in helping both categories of people, but his goal is to always help his patients choose functional health, as well as cosmetic changes. During a restoration (makeover) process to create a youthful, beautiful smile, he addresses their health and functional needs, not just cosmetic objectives.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be Both Functional and Esthetic

The term “cosmetic” makes us think of changing something for the sake of appearance, whereas the term “esthetic” makes us think of beauty taken to the level of an Art form. Dr. James Magee has developed expertise and an exacting eye for helping you achieve a tasteful, naturally beautiful appearance.

The term “functional” relates to the shape and position of your teeth and dental restorations. This is because proper shape and position facilitate eating and speaking with ease. Proper form and alignment also reduce the aging process of your teeth, jawbones and joints due to the elimination of excessive force on your teeth, jawbones, joints and muscles. Proper form and alignment also enables you to clean all sides of your teeth fully with access for brushing and flossing all surfaces.

Dr. Magee wants to balance the esthetic results of your smile with predictable, functional and healthy outcomes that last as many years as possible. When he designs your smile makeover, he also is seeking to balance more than size, shape and position. He is seeking to balance the color.

Matching the color of your restorations to your natural teeth is important so your restorations don’t stand out when you smile. This is why smile makeover plans include bleaching natural teeth to a lighter, brighter, more youthful shade before restorations like veneers, crowns and bridges are made. In matching your restorations to the bleached shade of your teeth, he will be concerned about the gradations of color, translucency and reflectivity of the restoration – like an artist emulating Nature. This is why he works closely with a certified lab technician known for artistry in dental ceramics.

What is the Smile Makeover Process Like at Clifford Family Dentistry?

Prior to your examination Dr. Magee will spend time talking about your dental history, medical history, health concerns and oral health objectives.

The comprehensive oral health examination you will receive may be unlike any other you have received in another dental office. The approach will be thorough and comprehensive. In a collaborative way, you will be encouraged to ask questions and voice concerns throughout the process. Dr. Magee will seek to understand your current oral condition and the underlying factors that affect your smile. In addition to your genetic makeup, these factors may include disease, nutrition, occlusal function (your bite), accidental injury, and prior dental treatments.

In order to make your new smile one that is optimally healthy and functional for the long run, Dr. Magee will want to solve as many problems as possible. These problems may include uneven spacing and poor tooth alignment requiring orthodontics; discolored and stained tooth enamel requiring bleaching or restoration; cavities requiring fillings; excessively worn, cracked, or broken teeth requiring more extensive restoration (perhaps, root canal and/or crown); missing teeth requiring replacement with a prosthetic option (dental implant, fixed bridge, or removable denture); inflamed or diseased gum tissue requiring periodontal treatment; irregular tooth length or gum contours requiring special periodontal procedures; and more.

Your treatment plan will be individualized and custom designed to compliment your facial structure, skin and eyes. In order to plan your treatment options and make sure a treatment plan will meet his exacting requirements for functional and esthetic excellence, Dr. Magee will photograph your face, current smile, and teeth; as well as create a model of your mouth. He will use these images and model to help visualize the final result in two and three dimensions. No matter what your needs, he will do significant work behind the scenes with wax-up models of your mouth. On wax, he can modify the shapes and contours of your teeth, and he can examine the changes in three dimensions before making his recommendations.

After taking time to plan your treatment, he will invite you back for a second appointment to learn what options are the most appropriate for you. You will move on to the next step of understanding the benefits of his recommended treatment plan and be guided in making choices if there are treatment options. You will receive this significant information and have ample time to discuss the recommendations—perhaps, even go home and think about them—before deciding to proceed and selecting the treatment options that are best for you.

The typical process of a smile makeover is to eliminate pain and disease, then align teeth orthodontically if needed, bleach teeth, perform the restorative cosmetic procedures, and then refine the shape of the tops of the teeth to make sure the bite is even and harmonious. This last step is called “equilibration”. If you suffer from TMJ/TMD, this will be treated along the way.

For example, if you are in pain, the cause of the pain will be addressed first. If you have need of treatment to eliminate tooth and gum disease, this will be done prior to any needed orthodontics or tooth restorations. If you have tender jaw joint muscles and/or other signs of TMJ, Dr. Magee may recommend wearing a therapeutic bite splint to relax the jaw muscles and stabilize the jaw joints while you sleep. If you have need of orthodontics, Dr. Magee will prescribe treatment, and hopefully, you will be a candidate for Invisalign clear aligner orthodontics, which he can provide at a competitive price in his own office.

Dr. Magee will make sure you understand what your treatment plan will involve before you commit to your smile makeover. At each phase of treatment, he will fully explain what he is going to do next and why the treatment procedures occur in the planned order. A makeover process may take anywhere from a few weeks to many months, depending upon your needs. If finances are a concern, your smile makeover can be done in stages spread over time.

Before any extensive smile makeover is performed and while it is in process, Dr. Magee will go to great lengths to ensure you are comfortable and the final result will meet or exceed your expectations. After your treatment plan is completed, Dr. Magee will continue to follow up with you to ensure your bite is evenly solid and your oral health is excellent.